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Rapid change, market volatility, credit constraints, and global competitive forces make high value targets riskier to pursue, especially across borders.  Well-planned strategies and their effective implementation are critical to achieving the investment objective.  Today’s market demands require new thinking as well as established resources. SBL delivers both.  We approach each investment or transaction with financial, business, and cross-border fluency, offering sound and practical guidance at every stage, further ensuring investment objectives are met.  Collaborating across borders, we bring the right know-how and experience to anticipate and resolve key business issues.  Our enhanced market intelligence allows us to structure and execute accurately.  SBL can provide tailored guidance for developing and implementing both traditional and nontraditional capital solutions for investments and companies.  We have the resources to efficiently identify a range of foreign and local targets, or to locate the strongest domestic and international investment partner.  When it comes to international finance, SBL has the depth of experience that the markets demand.