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Infrastructure | Energy

SBL’s infrastructure experiences encompass logistics and energy platforms. Our partnered companies include branded and Fortune 500 establishments across multiple sectors and regions. With this combined strength, SBL has been capable of creating fruition and delivering efficient and sustainable projects to its governmental collaborators and private partners worldwide.  

SBL’s infrastructure investments are frequently cross-border and call for innovation and creativity in their realization, with a need to draw on international experience, and an ability to transpose those skills and practices to meet the local practices and norms in the host country.  We can structure, finance and implement projects and manage these investments, whether in developed, developing or transition countries through our local know-how, relationships, transactional capability and broad-ranging skills.  SBL understand the needs of its investment partners, financiers, and other key stakeholders in these infrastructure assignments, allowing us to provide commercially effective results at every stage of the project..

Oil and Gas

The energy industry continues to evolve at a fast pace, with new technologies and resources reshaping the landscape constantly.  SBL is staffed by a team of highly respected transactional, energy-focused partners and specializes in energy projects worldwide.  Our team’s market-leading presence further enhances our global capabilities and demonstrates our commitment to the energy industries.  From emerging powerhouses and developing nations to the most complexly regulated North American markets, SBL produces recognized results in energy development through its powerful network of oil and natural gas exploration and production (E & P) companies, servicing companies, industry product suppliers, and financiers of the oil and gas industries.